Serve Your Toddler Pure Foods with Little SqueezeMe + GIVEAWAY!


little_squeezeme_review_1Food pouches for toddlers are becoming a popular snack alternative that is not only healthy but convenient as well. In honor of upcoming Earth Day, we are happy to bring you an eco-friendly product that is sure to please parents who are on a budget and prefer to control the ingredients of the foods their toddler eats.

Little SqueezeMe is a set of 5 reusable food pouches that are BPA, Phthalate, PVC and Lead Free. The pouches come in a giftable cardboard box that includes easy to use instructions clearly printed on the back. The pouches are really well made (thicker than single use pouches) and feel substantial while holding. Each pouch has a double zipper on the top to prevent spills and little hands from making a mess. We are loving the pull tab on the top, making it super easy to open and close. The screw-on top works with ease and will give you peace of mind when tossing in the car or diaper bag.

When we filled the bag for the first time, it got a little messy with a strawberry yogurt puree and a spoon. However, it was easy to securely close the zipper after a quick wipe with a clean towel. If you are filling on a daily basis, we’d recommend investing  in a small funnel for thicker purees. It’s also self-standing after filling, which is helpful if you are multi-tasking or need to put them in-between condiments in the refrigerator. The back of the bag has a very convenient clear window that measures the food you place in the pouch (holds 6 fl. oz., which is slightly more than a standard pudding cup). This is great for portion control and to easily see if you toddler has finished the food in the pouch or not.

The pouches are dishwasher and freezer safe. Great for busy parents! Simply freeze pouches at the beginning of the week with your preferred foods and take them on the go. Little SqueezeME can double as an ice pack for milk, fresh fruits, veggies, then simply consume after it defrosts around lunch time. Super easy to clean! Quickly hand wash or place upside down in the dishwasher.

Reusable pouches are great for adults too! Fill the pouch with green juice/smoothie, protein shake or reduce waste by filling with snack foods like applesauce or pudding.

For every purchase of Little SqueezeME, 2 foundations will each receive $1 to support moms and babies.

Interested in trying Little SqueezeME for yourself or a friend? Enter our giveaway below…

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Capture a Bottle of Sunshine with Little D3 Drops + GIVEAWAY!


liddle_ones_D3_drops_review_vitamin_D_babies_kids_DROPPERWith the increasing threat of toxins from preservatives and artificial color/flavoring, parents are starting to do more research on products that contain less chemicals and more natural ingredients. We recently became aware of the benefits of Vitamin D for both children and adults through Little D3 Drops.

According to medical experts, 75% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. Due to this statistic and the alarming Vitamin D levels of young toddlers,  the American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that all babies be given 400IU of oral, liquid Vitamin D – shortly after birth whether the baby is exclusively breast fed, partially breast fed or formula fed.

Though five forms of it are known to science (vitamins D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5), the two forms that matter most to humans are D2 (ergocalciferol, a synthetic form made by irradiating fungus and plant matter) and D3 (cholecalciferol, a natural form created in our bodies from sunlight exposure). Aside from being more natural, vitamin D3 is 87 percent more potent than vitamin D2, making it the best form of vitamin D for our bodies and in particular supplementation in babies.

Dubbed the “Little Bottle of Sunshine”, Little D3 Drops is a natural Vitamin D supplement created for all ages that is beneficial in many ways…
-Reduces cancer risk
-Boosts immune function
-Lowers inflammation
-Regulates over 3000 genes
-Reverses depression
-Lowers high blood pressure
-Optimizes bone weight
-Prevents bone loss
-Helps prevent allergies, asthma, eczema and multiple sclerosis
-Mood regulator
-Decreases the risk of sensitization to food allergens, especially to milk and wheat.

When using Little D3 Drops:
– ensure cap is tightly closed and Shake the Bottle well
– using the enclosed dropper, measure the dose required – expel the air in the dropper, place the dropper into the liquid and release the bulb.  This will draw up 0.5 mL.
– may be given directly into the mouth or added to any fluid or food.
– store the bottle upright.

Little D3 Drops is affordable, easy to use with it’s built in measuring system right on the glass dropper, and smells and tastes sweet so you and your little one will enjoy getting your Vitamin D!

This is a great gift for new moms and an easy way for adults to supplement as well. Little D3 Drops retail for under $20 at and comes with a very informative free ebook to learn more about the benefits of Vitamin D.

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FREE Printable! Adorable Easter Wraps for Bubbles and Sidewalk Chalk!


Easter is only a few days away so we’ve created a super cute free printable for some common Easter basket fillers. Giving sidewalk chalk or bubbles this year? We have created a set of 4 custom wraps for both that are sure to be a hit with your kids! This is also a great gift if you are hosting family for Easter dinner. After the egg hunt is complete, entertain the kiddos with Easter themed bubbles and sidewalk chalk.

Sidewalk Chalk Wrapper Free Printable (PDF)
4 oz. Bubbles Wrapper Free Printable (PDF)

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Tea for Two with Mr. and Mrs. Tea Infusers


Afternoon tea just got a whole lot cuter! We are pleased to bring you an adorable gift for the avid tea drinking couple! The tea infusers, 1 pink and 1 gray are made of pure food grade silicon rubber that can withstand extreme temperatures and heat evenly. They also have a matte finish that ensures a firm grip. The infusers are dishwasher and microwave safe.

mrmrstea_thumbSimply twist the infuser at the waist and fill the bottom with loose leaf tea (large leaf works best). Replace the top and attach the arms to the outside of your cup. Fill your cup with hot water and the Mr. and Mrs. Tea infuser will make tea in minutes with no added taste or odor. Grab the top of the infuser to remove without burning your hands. After the infuser has cooled, twist again to easily remove the tea and discard. Mr. and Mrs. Tea is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

We love how easy the infusers are to use, to clean and are eco-friendly. What a great conversation piece for your next cup of tea with friends.

Gift Mr. and Mrs. Tea to your favorite couple, spring weddings or your son and daughter. The infuser set comes packaged in a giftable box but can also be split up and gifted separately. The set retails for under $15 on with free Prime Shipping and comes with a lifetime warranty.


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Easy DIY Easter Treat Favors for Teachers, Neighbors, Friends, Family and more!


Are you having friends or family over for Easter? Need a small gift to send to those across the miles? We’ve put together easy DIY Easter Treat Favors that are as yummy as they are adorable. First, you’ll need to gather the supplies from your local Dollar Tree.

You’ll need: (makes 6 favors)
Bag of green decorative shreds (1 bag will be enough for approx. 8-10 favors)
2 packages of carrot container “eggs”
1 package of bunny favor boxes (8 boxes per package)
2 packages of speckled jelly beans

Simply fill your favor boxes with green shreds so the favor box is halfway full. Open the carrot container “egg” and fill will jelly beans (pic below). Place the carrot in the favor box and fill will more green shreds to taste.

This is a great gift for kids, to use as place cards for a casual Easter dinner or to send in the mail to family and friends. Perfect for a school party or as a thoughtful teacher, service or neighbor gift.


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