Top 10 Picks: Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

1. Use Vinyl stickers or this kit on Etsy to personalize eggs with the child’s initial or name. Make the same amount of eggs for each child so they can help each other look for eggs and eliminate competition.

2. Help your kids learn the real meaning of Easter with Resurrection Eggs by Family Life. Each egg has a small trinket that is a symbol of the Easter story. Great for Sunday School too!

3. Are your kids too young to find hidden eggs on their own? Take pictures of where you hid the eggs and show the pictures to your child. Hiding them in their toys, bedroom and common areas of the yard make the hunt fun even for toddlers.

4. Personalized wooden Easter eggs like these from Bella Kay Art are perfect for the eco-friendly family. Use them year after year for heirloom egg hunts!

5. Create a personalized puzzle and hide each piece in a different eggs. When they put all of the pieces together they will be able to find their Easter baskets!

6. Bunny Money. Create paper “bunny money” or use monopoly money and hide the money in the eggs. When all the eggs are found, have your childen use the money to “purchase” small toys and candy in your Easter store.

7. Glow in the dark Easter egg hunt. Purchase inexpensive glow bracelets at craft stores or online and put one in each egg. Have a Easter Eve egg hunt!

8. The Golden Egg. Paint one egg gold or buy a metallic egg. Put coins in all of the other eggs and a $1.00 in the gold egg -or- give a special prize to the child that find the gold egg first.

9. Make your kids work for it with an Easter egg scavenger hunt. Happy Home Fairy has done the work for you — download her easy to use printables for a successful hunt!

10. Easter egg hunt awards. Make this year’s Easter egg hunt into an olympic sport. Make your own ribbon awards or order these from Etsy.