Mindful Mondays: Easy Easter Treat, Great for Kids, School Parties and more!


marshmallow-egg-snack-easter-school-treat-sprinkles-STEPSThings You Will Need:
1. Paper Treat Cups (by Wilton, under $2.00 at Walmart in the baby shower party section)
2. Bowl (for sprinkles)
3. Frosting (flavor and style of your choice)
4. Sprinkles (large sprinkles work best for this project)
5. Marshmallow Eggs (dozen for $1.00, found in most stores around Easter)

under $5.00 for 12 servings (12 cups)

How To:
These treats are super simple to put together and a great project to include the kids.

1. Simply take a marshmallow egg and spread a generous layer of frosting on the flat side (pic 1 at left). Grab another marshmallow egg and put the two eggs together to create a sandwich with the frosting in the middle. (see final pic above)

2. Fill the bottom of a small bowl with pastel sprinkles (pic 2 at left).

3. Take your “egg sandwich” and carefully squeeze so frosting is sticking out around the two chocolate eggs

4. Dip the “egg sandwich” in the sprinkles to partially cover the middle frosting.

5. Place the “egg sandwich” in the party cup. This makes it easy to take to parties, portion out for kids, etc. Add a ribbon around the party cup for extra flair or use an Easter sticker to add a name tag!