Wish List Wednesdays: Privately Store and Share Your Family Memories with Lifecake


Are you friends and family overwhelmed by the day by day photos you post of your children on Facebook? Need a safe place to store all of your photos? Lifecake is an online photo timeline service that beautifully displays your children’s photos and videos to only the people that you invite to see them. Your friends and family then choose their notification status, daily, weekly, etc. The weekly wrap up is our favorite since you can quickly see thumbnail highlights of the week in one e-mail. Once you are invited to the timeline, you can download photos, comment and heart your favorites. Lifecake also offers high-quality 80 page photo books available for $50 (plus shipping).

Lifecake’s standard website and app (Apple/Android) service are free, with premium paid options available. Lifecake keeps you photos safe by using Amazon.com’s infrastructure and not having advertisers or selling your info.

This service is great if you have a lot of photos, but don’t want to share all of your memories with the entire Internet. Easily transfer photos from your phone or tablet and Lifecake automatically updates your friends and family when new photos are ready to be shared!