Treat Your Kids to a Family Movie Night This Valentine’s Day!


Spending Valentine’s Day with your kids this year? Make Valentine’s Day fun by having a family movie night! After you’ve rented some movies, try your hand at our DIY that is sure to be a hit!

You’ll need the following supplies:
Plastic Heart Cups
Krazy Straws
Glitter Heart Picks
Painted Wood Die Cuts (Michaels)
Chalkboard Labels
Not Pictured in Photo Below:
Heart Ribbon
Silver Sharpee or Chalkboard Marker

Pop some popcorn and divide into 4 cups (1 standard bag filled our 4 cups). Take your painted wood die cut (there are several designs available for under $1.00 at Michaels) and scotch tape the top of a krazy straw to the back of your selected die cut. Place the krazy straw/die cut into the popcorn filled cup. Then place a couple of glitter heart picks into the popcorn. Write a message on a chalkboard label using a silver sharpee or chalkboard marker and place around straw or pick. Optional: add some heart ribbon to the cup for extra decoration.

This is a great gift that can be personalized to each child. Also great if you are the one babysitting on Valentine’s Day! The cups, straws and die cuts can all be reused as well. Don’t have popcorn? Fill the cups with animal crackers, M&M’s or goldfish crackers.

treat_your_kids_family_movie_night_valentines_day_SUPPLIES(all supplies found at Dollar Tree except for the die cuts which can be purchased at Michaels)