Spread the Love this Valentine’s Day with Confetti Heart Cookies…


If you need a quick gift for neighbors, teachers, etc., this is the project for you. We’ve made it super simple using pre-made cookie dough. This project takes under an hour and makes for a pretty presentation.

You’ll need:
Pre-made Sugar Cookie Dough (or make your own if preferred)
Red Food Coloring
Heart Cookie Cutters
Wilton Micro Heart Sprinkles

Divide Cookie Dough in half. If using the pre-portioned cookies (like below), divide the tray in half (12 and 12). Use red food coloring to color half of the cookie dough. Mix the natural dough and the red dough together to create a pink tie-dye effect. (If you would rather have natural cookies, skip the food coloring. If you want vibrant red cookies, color all of the dough with red food coloring to your desired shade.)

Roll out the cookie dough and flour as needed. Sprinkle the entire top of the dough liberally with the Wilton Micro Heart Sprinkles (Walmart or Amazon). Take your rolling pin and roll over the sprinkles so they sink into the dough a little bit. Then use heart cutters to cut out various sizes of hearts. Tip: If you have trouble keeping your hearts in their heart shape, roll out dough on a piece of parchment or baking mat directly on your cookie sheet. Simply remove dough around each heart so you won’t have to transfer the hearts themselves. It will keep your hearts in perfect shape and evenly spaced.

Bake your cookies according to package/baking instructions. Once cooled add cookies to a clear cellophane bag. Optional: add an outer clear bag and fill bottom with the micro heart sprinkles. This adds a pretty element to the bottom of the bag without the sprinkles getting all over the cookies. Tie bag with decorative ribbon and gift!