Infanteenie Beenie: A Must-Have Accessory for Newborn Boys and Girls!


infanteenie_beanie_etsy_newborn_beanieAfter an especially frustrating experience with her newborn daughter’s ill-fitting beanie,
Infanteenie Beenie founder, Missy Woolf, began taking matters in her own hands. She set out to create a high-end hospital beanie that would keep with the traditional hospital beanie style, fit every newborn and add a bit of personality to newborn baby boys and girls.

We recently received the above samples and we were super impressed with the quality, design and packaging. Each Infanteenie Beenie comes in a logo printed reusable bag. Perfect for gifting and storing your newborn’s first beanie. The fabric of the beanie is baby soft and super stretchy, ensuring a snug, comfortable fit.

There are several designs to choose from whether you are having a boy or a girl. From bows to flowers to hearts and puppies, you are sure to find the perfect one!

Beanies are important for newborns because they prevent excessive heat loss, and are essential for monitoring baby’s temperature at the hospital and at home.

Infanteenie Beenie has been granted many awards including the Newborn Top Choice Award, Preferred Choice Award, Seal of Excellence Award and Mom’s Choice Award.

Visit their website to purchase your own Infanteenie Beenie. At under $25, this is a great baby shower gift!