Capture a Bottle of Sunshine with Little D3 Drops + GIVEAWAY!


liddle_ones_D3_drops_review_vitamin_D_babies_kids_DROPPERWith the increasing threat of toxins from preservatives and artificial color/flavoring, parents are starting to do more research on products that contain less chemicals and more natural ingredients. We recently became aware of the benefits of Vitamin D for both children and adults through Little D3 Drops.

According to medical experts, 75% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. Due to this statistic and the alarming Vitamin D levels of young toddlers,  the American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that all babies be given 400IU of oral, liquid Vitamin D – shortly after birth whether the baby is exclusively breast fed, partially breast fed or formula fed.

Though five forms of it are known to science (vitamins D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5), the two forms that matter most to humans are D2 (ergocalciferol, a synthetic form made by irradiating fungus and plant matter) and D3 (cholecalciferol, a natural form created in our bodies from sunlight exposure). Aside from being more natural, vitamin D3 is 87 percent more potent than vitamin D2, making it the best form of vitamin D for our bodies and in particular supplementation in babies.

Dubbed the “Little Bottle of Sunshine”, Little D3 Drops is a natural Vitamin D supplement created for all ages that is beneficial in many ways…
-Reduces cancer risk
-Boosts immune function
-Lowers inflammation
-Regulates over 3000 genes
-Reverses depression
-Lowers high blood pressure
-Optimizes bone weight
-Prevents bone loss
-Helps prevent allergies, asthma, eczema and multiple sclerosis
-Mood regulator
-Decreases the risk of sensitization to food allergens, especially to milk and wheat.

When using Little D3 Drops:
– ensure cap is tightly closed and Shake the Bottle well
– using the enclosed dropper, measure the dose required – expel the air in the dropper, place the dropper into the liquid and release the bulb.  This will draw up 0.5 mL.
– may be given directly into the mouth or added to any fluid or food.
– store the bottle upright.

Little D3 Drops is affordable, easy to use with it’s built in measuring system right on the glass dropper, and smells and tastes sweet so you and your little one will enjoy getting your Vitamin D!

This is a great gift for new moms and an easy way for adults to supplement as well. Little D3 Drops retail for under $20 at and comes with a very informative free ebook to learn more about the benefits of Vitamin D.

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Looking for Heirloom Quality Gifts this Easter? Check Out Bunnies By The Bay!


We are so excited to introduce you to a company you will be ordering gifts from year after year! Bunnies By The Bay is a full service children’s plush, apparel and gift accessory company based in Washington. Bunnies By The Bay products are heirloom quality and the perfect gift for baby and kids whether it’s a baby shower, birthday or Easter!

With an early Easter this year, take advantage of the great gifts that Bunnies By the Bay provides. Whether you are near or far, their selection of fine products will warm your recipient’s heart! Plus, when you purchase certain merchandise, like the plush “Buddy” (shown above and below), the company contributes to Red Thread Charities which helps support orphans globally through leading charities.


It’s all about the details… Our samples came wrapped in adorable carrot tissue paper and logo seal. The retail tags feature cute bunny faces and carrots. The apparel stitching is top notch and looks adorable on the modern blue, pink and neutral color outfit choices. The “Where’s Puppy?” board book came saran wrapped with a suede-like touchable cover insert. The pages are thick and durable with a glossy, photo finish. Even our 12 inch super soft plush puppy came with subtle pink blush marks on his cheeks!


All of the products we received are high-quality pieces that could be passed from generation to generation. Please check out their website for a ton of animal plush options, baby/kids apparel, books, blankets, and more. We will be featuring their bunny lines in upcoming Easter posts and hosting a giveaway later this week!

Beautiful and Functional … Beabies Teething Jewelry Sets


Tired of your baby always grabbing for your fingers, hands, keys, fine jewelry? Check out the teething jewelry sets from beabies. We recently received a set in the pearl/white color and love the subtle shimmer of the silicon beads. The beads are very well made, strung on a stretchy string with a plastic clasp and feel slightly squishy to the touch. Beabies also don’t have a scent or taste ensuring your baby won’t be breathing in/chewing any toxic chemicals when they are using the jewelry to teethe. Beabies are BPA-Free, FDA approved, PVC-Free, Latex-Free, Rubber-Free, Lead-Free silicone and contain no vinyl, phthalates, plastic, nitrosamines, cadmium, or heavy metals.

We are super excited that you can just place these beads on the top rack of your dishwasher to clean after use.  Since the beads are silicon based, lent will stick to the beads but rinses off easily using only water. No dishwasher? The beads can also be sanitized by boiling water (recommended before first use). Freeze beabies for especially fussy teethers. The beads are soothing to a teething baby, provide entertainment and a chemical-free way to relieve pain.

Beabies are so fashionable you’ll never forget to bring them with you. Match the five available colors to your outfit and go. An accessory that will save your fine jewelry and hands from slobber and keep baby content. Beabies are safe for everyone, but as with any product with small parts, supervision is required while using beabies.

This is a great gift for new moms, baby showers and fashionable aunts and grandmas! Get yours today at


Infanteenie Beenie: A Must-Have Accessory for Newborn Boys and Girls!


infanteenie_beanie_etsy_newborn_beanieAfter an especially frustrating experience with her newborn daughter’s ill-fitting beanie,
Infanteenie Beenie founder, Missy Woolf, began taking matters in her own hands. She set out to create a high-end hospital beanie that would keep with the traditional hospital beanie style, fit every newborn and add a bit of personality to newborn baby boys and girls.

We recently received the above samples and we were super impressed with the quality, design and packaging. Each Infanteenie Beenie comes in a logo printed reusable bag. Perfect for gifting and storing your newborn’s first beanie. The fabric of the beanie is baby soft and super stretchy, ensuring a snug, comfortable fit.

There are several designs to choose from whether you are having a boy or a girl. From bows to flowers to hearts and puppies, you are sure to find the perfect one!

Beanies are important for newborns because they prevent excessive heat loss, and are essential for monitoring baby’s temperature at the hospital and at home.

Infanteenie Beenie has been granted many awards including the Newborn Top Choice Award, Preferred Choice Award, Seal of Excellence Award and Mom’s Choice Award.

Visit their website to purchase your own Infanteenie Beenie. At under $25, this is a great baby shower gift!


Get Salon Big-5 Free Gel Nails Without Lamps!


Love the look and longevity of gel nails but dislike the added cost and lamps? Bio Seaweed Gel’s UNITY All-In-One Colour Gel Polish is the first professional big-5 free gel polish with base, colour, top & nail strengtheners all-in-one bottle that cures in the sun with just 2 coats!

Simply choose from the over 100 colors available, paint a thin coat on your nails indoors or in the shade (not in direct sunlight) and then step out into the sunlight or place nails by a well-lit window for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Repeat this step for a second coat. Your nails are now set and ready for 2+ weeks of wear. We are super impressed with the selection of colors and wear time from a non-toxic polish (especially with the No Wipe Top coat). The polish also dries to a no-stick finish so you know when your nails have had enough sun!

If you are looking for a unique gift for a girlfriend who has everything, give Bio Seaweed Gel’s UNITY All-In-One Colour Gel Polish a try! The polish retails for $18 a bottle or a set of 3 for $40. A great value considering each bottle can be used for over 50 applications!

Bio Seaweed Gel’s UNITY All-In-One Colour Gel Polish is part of our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide! Check out the video below to learn more about this great product!

Tiny Tots Tuesdays: Calling All Expecting Moms, Decorate Your Holiday Tree with Pearhead’s Sonogram Ornament!

holiday_sonogram_ornament_our_little_presentPersonalized holiday ornaments are always a great gift and this sonogram ornament by Pearhead is no exception! Circular and just big enough to tuck in your latest sonogram, this super adorable ornament will look perfect on your holiday tree. Snowflakes border the picture along with the inscription “our little present” and a red ribbon for hanging.

The ornament can be purchased for $6.99 on

Wish List Wednesdays: Feed Your Chocolate Craving with Cocoa Cravings


Cocoa Cravings is a Chicago based, family business that brings rich chocolate powders, bars, morsels and more that are sourced from gourmet, global ingredients. Cocoa Cravings is USDA Organic and their chocolate ingredients are sourced from organic farmers and local co-ops. Their top-quality products (nothing artificial!) are manufactured in small professional batches in Chicago, USA, by T.C. Bauer Co.

We recently sampled the 71% dark chocolate and loved the taste! The rich chocolate is very smooth and has very complex flavors. The bar we received has 16 bite sized squares, great for sharing with friends or as an after dinner treat.

Cocoa Cravings can be purchased online at or at popular health food stores like

Tiny Tots Tuesdays: Personalize Your Baby’s Crib with Dolce Babi Furniture

dolce_babi_custom-baby-cribsPicking a high-quality crib for your little one’s arrival is very important to new parents. Dolce Babi has a large selection of beautiful, detailed cribs and furnishings. With over 40 years experience in the industry and  high safety standards, Dolce Babi takes it’s business seriously. Cribs feature a three-step crib adjustment, so you will feel confident picking up your newborn no matter your height. Plus personalized name plates create a memorable heirloom for years to come. Some cribs even convert to a low-profile platform toddler or guest bed! Visit Dolce Babi for more info.