Julie’s Picks: I’m a Manatee Happy to be ME! Book

We fell in love the I’m a Manatee Happy to be ME! book by Leslie Campa. What a fantastic gift for a child. I’m a Manatee Happy to be ME! promotes being happy with who you are. The book includes fun illustrations and a small Q& A section that your child can fill in themselves. Leslie also donates a portion of the proceeds to benefit research, education and rescue programs for our manatees of the sea… We’re already looking forward to her next book!

Product Name: I’m a Manatee Happy to be ME! Book ($9.95)
Where to Buy: L & L Butterfly Books website and BN.com

Julie’s Picks: Bubble Bum® Inflatable Booster Seat

Tired of lugging around your heavy child booster seat on every family outing and vacation? Bubble Bum® is a new, easy inflatable booster seat that can fit in your glovebox or a child’s backpack for portable safety on the go! Worried about inflatable safety? Check out this great video that will leave all your doubts behind! I recently used this for my 4-year old son on a trip to Hawaii and it was amazing! My son loved it and I would highly recommend Bubble Bum® for any frequent traveler!

Product Name: Bubble Bum®
Where to Buy: BubbleBum.us

Bubble Bum was a winner at the Mother & Baby Travel Item Awards in the UK, the Practical Parenting Magazine Awards and the Ulster Bank Business Achiever Awards in 2010-2011. The creator, Grainne Kelly was also crowned the BT Northern Ireland Business Woman of the Year 2011.

Julie’s Picks: Snap-n-Step™

Are you tired of tying your kids shoes over and over and over again? Meet your newest time saver, the Snap-n-Step™! Developed by a mom of 3, this simple accessory is easy to use, inexpensive and will not disappoint! Snap-n-Step™ is made in the USA and their packaging is printed and made with sustainable products and energy. I was given a Snap ‘n Step set  in Tire Marks to use for my son Blake (age 7) and not only did they work but he likes to use them too!

Name of Product: Snap-n-Step™ ($7.95 each)
Where to Buy: SnapnStep.com


Julie’s Picks: A Story Before Bed

Smiling and waving Grandma and Grandpa slowly start to back out of the driveway. As their car becomes smaller and smaller in the distance the kids start whining “why do Grandma and Grandpa have to live so far away??!!”.

Fortunately, come story time tonight, you have a surprise for them. Grandma and Grandpa will be there to read them a story before bed. A Story Before Bed is the first and only service that lets you record a children’s book online with audio and video. Kids can play back the recording as often as they like on an iPad, iPhone, Mac, or PC. Even though Grandma and Grandpa won’t be there to tuck them in and check behind their ears they’ll still have the joy of knowing that they can see and hear Grandma and Grandpa read them a story, even if they “live so far away”.

Name of Product: A Story Before Bed
Retail Value: various plans starting at $5.99 per month
Where to Buy: AStoryBeforeBed.com

Julie’s Picks: The Caribbean Club in Grand Cayman

I recently vacationed at The Caribbean Club in Grand Cayman for my 40th birthday and was amazed at the luxury The Caribbean Club provided, it is truly a home away from home!

The Caribbean Club, Grand Cayman’s newest, most exclusive condominium hotel has thirty-seven spacious three-bedroom, three-bath villas overlooking spectacular Seven Mile Beach. It has a premium location, close to the airport and within walking distance of many upscale restaurants and shops. Our ocean-front accommodations had all the comforts of home, including a beautiful, large, open kitchen, grand lanai and washer and dryer.

The staff is friendly and accommodated our every request. I worked directly with Danielle and she did everything to make sure our stay was perfect, from the accommodations to airport transportation. Even when our friend’s husband forgot to pack his keyboard, Danielle arranged for an employee to help him locate one.

I would definitely recommend this destination hotel for honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays and even family vacations!

Julie’s Picks: Kids 4 Kures Cards

We received a lovely set of these cards and had to spread the word about this amazing charity! Kids 4 Kures was started by 6th grader, Emily Flachman, in San Luis Obispo, California. At only 10 years old, Emily was inspired by her late Grandmother. Along with her friend, Artist Peaches Olson, the pair donate the proceeds of card sales (each card pack is $20) to the Hearst Cancer Resource Center and other non-profit cancer charities.

Name of Product: Kids 4 Kures Cards
Retail Value: $20.00 (box set of 12 cards/env, info. bookmark)
Where to Buy: Kids4Kures.org

Julie’s Picks: Word World eBooks for Kids

With all of the media available for kids, it’s hard to know which ones are worth adding to your computer, ipad and smartphone… PBS’s Word World not only has superior kid-approved graphics, they have phonics, comprehension and vocabulary “hidden” within the story to entertain and promote learning at the same time!

Name of Product: Word World eBooks for Kids
Retail Value: $0.99 (each eBook, 6 available on iTunes)
Where to Buy: WordWorld.com

For more Word World videos, check out their YouTube Channel: WorldWorldPBS

Julie’s Picks: CHILDish Personalized Plates

CHILDish is an up and coming kids brand that adds a dash of creativity to meal time! Every CHILDish melamine plate (and bowl) is dishwasher safe and BPA free. Simply personalize your child’s dinnerware with their hair style, hair colour, eye colour, skin tone, name and background color and CHILDish will do the rest. I received these two plates for my sons, Blake (6) and Landon (3), and they always ask for them at dinnertime!

Name of Product: CHILDish Personalized Plates
Retail Value: $25.00
Where to Buy: mychildish.com

Julie’s Picks: TZEN Jewelry

TZEN, stems from the Asian language meaning sunset. Bursting with color and sophisticated style, TZEN’s limited edition pieces are a must-have splurge. Each piece is carefully designed and created by owner Julie Liu in beautiful gemstones and precious metals. And TZEN entertains custom orders too! I recently wore these earrings to Celebrity Fight Night and received a ton of compliments!

Name of Product: TZEN True Blue Crystal Quartz Earrings
Retail Value: $440.00
Where to Buy: shoptzen.com

Julie’s Picks: Bottle Snugglers

Bottle Snugglers® is an award winning tool to encourage bonding during feeding time. The Bottle Snugglers®, available in lots of adorable animal designs, allows Mom (or Dad!) to continue holding and cuddling a feeding baby while using her free hand to care for herself or another child. Have multiples? These are a perfect gift and a must-have time saver!

Name of Product: Bottle Snugglers®
Retail Value: $20.95
Where to Buy: BottleSnugglers.com