Wish List Wednesday: Happy World Food Day! We’re Celebrating with our Love With Food October Box…


Happy World Food Day! We were excited to celebrate this global movement to end hunger #WFD2013. Props to the folks at Love with Food for scheduling the delivery of our first subscription box on such an appropriate day!

If you haven’t tried Love with Food, hopefully you will change your mind by the end of this post.
Love with Food is a monthly subscription service that sends you approximately eight full-size snacks from companies you may not have heard of and/or don’t have available yet in your local super market. It’s super easy to sign up, only $12 a month (includes US shipping!) and for every box you buy you help give a meal to a hungry child. So if you are looking to spoil yourself, this is an affordable way to get a lot of bang for your buck and be charitable in the process!

The signature 10 x 6 x 2 red box is usually delivered by mid-month and comes saran wrapped so your snacks stay fresh and protected. Once you break open the box, you will immediately see the corresponding month’s info. card with details on each sample and how to purchase (at a discount!) more tasty snacks. If you feeling impatient and hungry, toss the card first and dig in! Snacks like specialty cookies, crackers, hard candies, natural gum and more await. And you only have to share if you really want to (just blame it on us when the box is gone before everyone else gets home!)

You’ll also receive accruing points for reviewing each snack and for referring friends that you can use to purchase more snacks. Still not convinced? Try one of the following codes to try to get your first box for only $2.00! (FBPROMO, FBGIFT or FBFOOD) Love with Food is a monthly snack subscription service and you can cancel at anytime. The Gifting Experts purchased the above snack box and was not compensated for this feature.

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Giveaway: Poppy Drops Natural Removable Tattoo Earrings and Nail Art


We recently received an adorable sampler kit from Poppy Drops. Created by a Mompreneur, Poppy Drops is a food-grade vegetable dye based removable earring and nail art tattoo perfect for people of all ages. Not ready to let your little girl pierce her ears? Need non-toxic nail art to accessorize your wardrobe? Poppy Drops comes in a variety of stylish designs, lasts for up to one-week and is
affordable too!

To celebrate our love for Poppy Drops, we are giving away a Seasonal Sampler Collection for your ears and easy to apply Bumble Bee Tattoo Nail Art
(both shown at left) to adorn one or all of your fingers or toes.

The nail art and earrings are super easy to apply. Simply cut out a square around the desired design and peel off the protective paper. Lay design face down on your ear or finger and wet with a damp towel. The design adheres perfectly. I covered the nail tattoos with a clear top coat and there was no fading or bleeding of the design. To remove the temp tattoos, simply use baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

The packaging is light-weight, functional and ready for gifting. At under $10, Poppy Drops would make a unique stocking stuffer!


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  • Giveaway is open to US residents only, 18+ and ends October 22nd. Winner will be chosen and notified on October 23rd.

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Shutterfly Guest Gifting Post: Creating an Inviting Homework Space for Your Kids

The Gifting Experts are excited to welcome Shutterfly‘s Heather Hewitt. Heather highlights some of the many personalized products that Shutterfly offers to keep your kids motivated and inspired to go back to school this fall.

It’s back to school time and with that comes lots and lots of homework. Have you ever thought about establishing a specific homework space for your children? It’s important to have a place where kids can focus on their work and get it done in a timely manner. Since younger kids may need more assistance, their workspace can be situated in a more public area, like the kitchen or living room. Older kids may find their bedrooms to be a better place for them to concentrate.

Wherever you decide to designate as your kids’ homework space, consider personalizing it. After all, it should be a space where they want to spend their time. Here are some tips for
creating an inviting workspace for your children to do their homework.


Give them a say. You may be the home design guru, but this is their space. Help them to choose colors and accents that will give them energy and encourage hard work. Then, create the workspace together.

Supply supplies. Make sure your kids have everything they need within reach of their workspace. Every item – including paper, pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, books and more – should have a designated place. Provide everything needed to complete homework efficiently but avoid clutter. A well-organized homework space will promote order and focus.

Place a calendar front and center. This can help your children learn to prioritize their time and remember homework and project deadlines.

Make the space comfortable. A kid won’t want to do homework if it means sitting for hours in an uncomfortable chair. Be sure your children test their desks and chairs before purchasing them to ensure comfort. Also, if you have the room, give your kids options. For example, stick a comfy bean bag chair in the corner for reading.

Add fun decorative items. Once you have the basics, accent the workspace with fun desktop items or wall hangings, such as customized wall art or personalized canvas prints. Remember, the key is to add a little color and flavor without overwhelming the space. If a space is too cluttered, it can create chaos in the mind – and that’s the last thing you want when your child is doing homework!

Celebrate achievements. While it’s still a great idea to stick artwork on the fridge, pinning papers with high grades and special awards to a bulletin board can provide your child with extra motivation during bouts of fatigue or laziness. Remind them that you celebrate achievements in your home and give them something to work toward.

Help your children create a homework space that will both express their individuality and encourage them to work hard. The school year will go much more smoothly for them – and you!

Author Bio: Heather Hewitt is a seasoned writer and guest author who enjoys connecting people with thoughtful products, services and ideas as they relate to crafting, photography, gift giving and personal expression.

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