We Test Out Kitchen Supreme’s new Chalk Markers Bundle with Chalkboard Labels…


Chalk board designs in kitchens, playrooms and restaurants are popular in modern design. There is also a new trend of using a chalkboard sign for weddings, home decor and children’s birthday parties. Don’t want to deal with the mess of powered chalk? Trouble finding a large chalk board?

We were recently given the chance to try out Kitchen Supreme’s new Chalk Markers Bundle with Chalkboard Labels. The markers come in 10 bright colors (including a white, golden brown and black). Each marker has a reversible tip for fine details and coloring. There are eight textured black vinyl labels. You will also receive two extra fine tips for your marker set.

It does take some effort for the liquid chalk to enter the tip for the first time. The markers have visual instructions and Kitchen Supreme also provides a easy to follow video tutorial. The markers work similar to a metallic craft pen and once the color is engaged, they work every time.

It is important to note that these markers do not work well on porous surfaces, including traditional chalk boards. The markers were created to work on Ceramic, Varnished Wood, Glass, Plastic, Whiteboards, Window Drawings, Vinyl Chalkboard Labels & Contact Paper, Stainless Steel, Mugs, Books, Non-porous Blackboard and Chalkboard. The markers work on dark, light and clear surfaces. They are non-toxic and are water based, which makes clean-up a breeze!

This is a great gift for tweens/teens who are into art and decorating their room. And a great addition to your business, classroom or next party!


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The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide for Allergy or Preference…


As more people choose gluten-free foods for allergy sensitivities or just for preference, finding gluten-free products can be challenging. Products aren’t always clearly labeled. For celiacs (who have to live completely gluten-free), cross-contamination can be a huge issue. Plus, according to PaleoLeap.com, gluten causes 80% of the population to have gut inflammation, in the form of bloating or digestion issues. Increases in heart disease and cancer have also been linked to gluten.

The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide by Triumph Dining is here to ease the confusion and frustration when searching for gluten-free foods. The updated compilation of over 500 pages, organizes gluten-free foods in categories like “dairy” and “baking aisle” as well as a list of coordinating brand names that can be found at your local grocery store (see pic above). We loved the guide for its ease of use and although substantial from the number of pages, it is small enough to fit in a medium sized handbag.

This guide is great for celiacs as it references which foods are created in dedicated gluten-free factories (for any cross-contamination issues) by a easy to use key in the front of the guide (see pic above). The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide is also ideal for people who are new to gluten-free and need to learn brands and stores that accommodate a gluten-free lifestyle. Even busy moms can benefit from this guide if they have to provide snacks for school and must be conscience of gluten-free sensitivities.

The guide is currently $24.95 and you can also order a Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide from Triumph Dining as well.

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Our Most Popular Project Pin! Graduation Rainy Day Cash Gift with FREE Printable!

graduation_umbrella_rainy_day_cash_giftIf you have a graduate that deserves a little something extra, we’ve got an easy creative cash gift that will be the talk of the party.

Start with the materials shown at left: wrapping paper (graduation print or try a solid in the school’s colors), shreds (great time to recycle paper from the shredder!), long narrow box (that will fit your umbrella), million dollar mints or similar money themed candy, umbrella (cheap ones can be found at dollar stores), cash (we used $50 total — (1) $20, (1) $10, (2) $5, (10) $1), fishing line or string, paper clips and our FREE printable “A little something for Rainy days” gift tag.

Fold the flaps of the box inward so you are left with a secure box with no top. Wrap the box with your selected wrapping paper (wrapping so paper can be taped to the bottom of the inside of the box). Fill the box with shreds. Remove any tags and packaging from your umbrella. Carefully open the umbrella in a large open space. Attach paper clips to each paper bill (on the short side of each bill). Cut small lengths of fishing line and tie a few knots around the paper clip and then do the same around the supports of the umbrella. Repeat step until all cash is attached. Tip: You’ll want to keep the strings fairly short so that you can close up the umbrella without strings getting too tangled.

Close umbrella with cash inside and secure with Velcro strap. Cut out our FREE printable “A little something for Rainy days” gift tag and attach to umbrella. Place umbrella inside box on top of shreds. Place money candy around umbrella. Leave box open or cover with clear cellophane for a finished look.

This is also a great birthday, wedding or holiday gift!


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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift… Pamper Your Mom with Cashmere Falls’ Premium Grade Moroccan Argan Oil



If you a looking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift for a Mom who has everything, we recommend checking out Cashmere Falls’ Heavenly Hydration Premium Grade Moroccan Argan Oil No-Drip Hair Serum.

Under $25 with Amazon Prime, 100% Virgin, Cold-Pressed USDA- & European Union-Certified Organic Argan Oil works with all hair types including dry, bleached, color-treated & damaged.

We used Cashmere Falls’ as a conditioner alternative. After washing your hair, just run a few pumps through your damp hair. You might need a few more pumps if you have longer hair. With a lotion-type consistency, the serum is easy to pump and apply. Some leave-in conditioners leave your hair heavy, sticky or too shiny. Cashmere Falls’ leaves our hair silky smooth without adding any weight, excess shine or oily feeling.

The pump style bottle is 2 fl. oz. which lasts for a long time. We’ve been using the bottle every few days for almost a month and there is still product left. Cashmere Falls’ is also great for your nails and skin. Rich In Anti-Aging, Wrinkle-Fighting Antioxidants Vitamin E & Linoleic Acid, As Well As Squalene, Carotene, Phytosterols, & Phenolic Compounds, Our Heavenly Hydration Argan Oil Serum Has Been Clinically Studied To Improve Skin Softness & Elasticity, As Well As Fight Free Radicals, All To Give You The Healthiest, Most Youthful Glow Possible!

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