Organize Positive Thoughts with the Passion Planner


Daily planners are all the rage from DIY to over the top expensive kits that come with a menagerie of washi tape, personalized covers and color coated pens. We recently ran across the Passion Planner and love the inspiration behind it!

The Passion Planner has a different focus than traditional planners…

  1. Define your ideal life and get there: Define your ideal life AND then create your own a step by step map to get you there with the Passion Planning Process
  2. Balance: Space for both personal and work projects and tasks
  3. Prioritize: Prompts you to pick one thing every day, week and month to focus on
  4. Focus on the positive: Every week there is a section dedicated just to write down “Good things that happened”

It has a beautiful faux leather cover, 2 size options and only $25+ for 190 motivational pages! Visit to get yours…

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Top 10 Picks: Track 2015 with these Conversation Piece Calendars

1. The perfect calendar for Rocket Scientists and Burger Flippers, $9.99, 2. Stitch the Stars Calendar, $25.00, 3. Month and Day Woodblock Calendar, $68.00, 4. Calendar Stationery Box. $20.00, 5. Chirp Calendar, $22.00, 6. Cubes Perpetual Calendar, $15.00, 7. New York 2015 Calendar, $7.49, 8. 52 Weeks to Christmas, $14.99, 9. Margins Ombre Moon Phases 2015 Calendar, $14.99, 10. Decorative Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar, $12.00

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Lists We Love: Birthday Freebies for 2015!

Freebie Depot has a mega list of birthday freebies that you can sign up for now and reap the rewards on your birthday this year. Some freebies even come with additional gifts including special deliveries the day you sign up and your anniversary. Have the best birthday ever by filling your inbox with lots of free gifts this year!

Name of List: 700+ BIRTHDAY FREEBIES 2015 – FREE Birthday Food 2015, FREE Birthday Meals &
FREE Birthday Stuff!

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Bring On the Drama! 20 New Year’s Eve Dresses…


Row 1 (left to right) 1. Burgundy 2-Piece, $72, 2. Backless Black Midi,, $41, 3. Secret Love Dress, $70, 4. Lace Panel Fit & Flare, $88

Row 2 (left to right) 1. Eyes Wide Open Dress, $85, 2. Lace Skater Dress, $27, 3. Iridescent Sequin Wrap Dress, $35, 4. Gold Sequin Midi, $71


Row 1 (left to right) 1. Sequin Bodycon, $19, 2. Paint Splatter Sheath, $99, 3. NYC Skyline, $42, 4. Blue Backless Dress, $42

Row 2 (left to right) 1. Rose Plunge, $57, 2. Liquid Shine Mini Dress, $98, 3. Halter Skater Dress, $90, 4. Embroidered Lace Dress, $119


Row 1 (left to right) 1. Zebra Sequin Mini, $97, 2. Sequin Maxi, $59, 3. Eyelashes Slip, $48, 4. Two Tone Sequin Dress, $39

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Soothe Aching Muscles Between Workouts with the Flexx Sports Muscle Roller Stick

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If you are an active runner, engage in cardio or sports, you are familiar with muscle pain. Proper stretching and massage are important to maintaining a stress free body. Professional massages aren’t always practical and personal massage chairs are expensive.

The Flexx Sports Muscle Roller Stick is simple, affordable and it works! We have been testing the above for the past couple of weeks and love how simple it is to use and easy it is to store. Simply use both hands to grip at each end of the roller stick and the textured plastic beads in the center move and roll to help alleviate tough knots and aching muscles. It is especially effective on the upper and lower back, quads and calf muscles. Not only does it help with pain but it helps increase circulation and prevents the dreaded lactic acid build-up.

At only 9 oz. in weight and just over 18 inches, the Flexx Sports Muscle Roller Stick is perfect for home, office, gym and travel. It has a steel rod core for durability and comes backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

At under $25, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for active family and friends!

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It’s Free Shipping Day! Check out our Top Stocking Stuffer Gifts Under $10 Shipped! Today Only!!


1. Hair Ties, $7.50, 2. Monogram Glass Plate, $9.80, 3. Hexagon Drop Earrings, $9.59, 4. Lip Gloss Duo, $10.00, 5. Half Moon Necklace, $9.99, 6. How to Tie a Scarf Book, $9.07, 7. Ikat Coffee Mug, $4.94, 8. Red Dot Socks, $5.99 9. Measure Magnet, $10.00, 10. Egg Perfect Egg Timer, $6.00, 11. Short Necklace Black, $9.95


1. Polka Dot Mug, $3.99, 2. Red Beanie, $10.00, 3. Billy Jealousy Travel Kit, $10.00, 4. Stripe Infinity Scarf, $7.90, 5. Selfie Photo Frame Magnets, $7.95, 6. Metallic Infinity Scarf, $7.95, 7. Snowflake Cookie Cutter, $8.95, 8. Southwest Cosmetic Bag, $6.48, 9. Frenchie Coin Purse, $8.00, 10. Volcom Beanie, $8.99


1. Toddler Leggings, $6.48, 2. Shwings Butterfly, $7.00, 3. Chill Baby Likes Pacifier, $10.00, 4. Frozen Jelly Bellys, $9.09, 5. Play More, $8.50, 6. Holiday Twisted Dog Treat, $1.99, 7. Humbug Market Tote, $9.99, 8. Better Basics Striped Teething Tomato, $4.99, 9. Minnie Sparkle Beanie Baby, $4.80, 10. Boys Holiday Boxer Shorts, $7.79, 11. Life is Good Coloring Book, $6.40, 12. Owl Egg Mold, $10.00

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